Why 2 College Students Thought Selling Dog Beds Would Make Them Rich

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Dog bed and stocks to represent getting rich selling dog products by GradSimple.

Move over PetSmart, there’s a new sheriff in town.

It was March 2020: I’m sure you remember it vividly. The vibes were low, to say the least. My boyfriend and I were feeling extremely F’d in terms of work experience. No shot were we landing internships, and we were entering the summer of our third year of college.

A wise man once said: sell sh*t on the internet.

I don’t know which wise man, but I’m sure there’s some smart guy out there who has imparted these words of wisdom on someone else.

So that’s what we decided to do. We began researching the best items to sell, and how to go about selling them. That’s when we stumbled across an internet guru (who shall remain anonymous) that wrote about dropshipping.

Yes, those clickbait Instagram ads selling back massagers, crappy clothing, and diet pills. We went the route of dog beds. We didn’t have a dog, we didn’t know anyone with a dog, but that didn’t stop us.

Trial and error and error and error and error.

We began painstakingly learning how to set up a Shopify store, which didn’t turn out half bad, if I do say so myself. We sourced products from AliExpress (classic) and ordered a couple to test on the dog we didn’t have (we now have a three year old corgi, Nori, who finally makes use of our test products).

Well, as you may guess, we ended up making a grand total of ZERO sales.

Ruff (get it? Dog joke).

But, that didn’t stop us and our scrappy founder’s mentality (or drive for extra cash, you decide). We pivoted to dog toys, then cute little knick knacks you’d find in a shop in Tokyo, then womens clothing and K-pop merchandise.

And eventually, something stuck.

We ended up making over $27,000 in sales in three months. Self taught, self made. 

How did we do it? Well, dear reader, wouldn’t YOU like to know? Oh, you would? Really?

Okay, please, read on.

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