Top 27 Job Boards For New Grads in 2024

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I put together a list of 27 lesser-known job boards where you can look for your first job out of school that are not LinkedIn, Indeed, or Glassdoor (these are still great btw).

Sharing this list on r/UBC and r/college got me permabanned so it’s gotta be a good list! 😅

Edit: I GOT UNBANNED. Thank you mods. ❤️

Anyway, If you’re feeling stressed or clueless about finding a job, I hope this helps. I remember how overwhelmed I felt when I graduated from UBC a few years ago, so Class of 2024, this is for you.

Top 27 Job Boards For New Grads

1. Hiring Cafe (Remote Work): Designed for job seekers looking for full-time employment in a remote work environment.

2. We Are Distributed (Remote Work): Dedicated platform for 100% remote jobs that embrace flexible working arrangements and a better work-life balance.

3. Workable (General, US & CA): Offers a wide range of job opportunities across various industries.

4. Otta (Tech and Startup, US & CA): Tailored for ambitious tech professionals, Otta focuses on career opportunities within fast-growing startup companies.

5. Dice (Tech, Developing, and Engineering, US & CA): Tailored for technology professionals, offering a vast array of tech, developer, and engineering job listings across the US.

6. eFinancialCareers (Financial Services and Tech, US & CA): Specializes in finance and accounting jobs, connecting professionals with opportunities in banking, finance, and investment sectors worldwide.

7. Audit Friendly (Finance and Accounting, US & CA): Specializes in accounting and finance job opportunities.

8. Behavioral Health Tech (Healthcare, US & CA): Niche job board for careers in behavioral health, aiming to connect professionals with opportunities in mental health, therapy, and counseling roles.

9. HealthcareJobSite (Healthcare, US & CA): Dedicated to healthcare professionals in the US and Canada, featuring a wide range of positions in the medical and health industry.

10. Dribbble (Creative Jobs, US & CA): Community platform for designers to share their portfolios and discover job opportunities in creative fields globally.

11. RepVue (Sales, US & CA): Focuses on sales jobs, providing a platform for sales professionals to find roles that match their skills and experience in the sales industry.

12. Icims (Human Resources, US & CA): Niche job board specializing in opportunities for HR professionals.

13. Teamed (Instructional Design and Development, US & CA): Specializes in jobs related to instructional design and development, including roles for instructional designers, writers, multimedia developers, and project managers.

14. PR News Job Board (Communications, US & CA): Targets communications professionals, providing job listings in public relations, marketing communications, and media.

15. ProBlogger (Writing and Journalism, US & CA): A top destination for writers and journalists, offering freelance, part-time, and full-time writing and blogging jobs.

16. Alt Protein Careers (Alternative Protein Industry, US & CA): Dedicated to jobs in the alternative protein sector, such as with companies working on plant-based, fermentation-derived, and cultured meat products.

17. Grackle HQ (Gaming Industry, US & CA): Caters to the gaming industry, providing a platform for professionals to find job opportunities in game development, design, and other related fields.

18. Wager Pager (Sports Betting, US & CA): Dedicated exclusively to opportunities within the sports betting industry.

19. Power to Fly (Diversity and Inclusion, US & CA): Promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace by connecting underrepresented talent with companies committed to creating inclusive work environments.

20. InHerSight (Diversity and Inclusion, US & CA): Designed to empower women in the workplace by enabling them to find jobs in environments where they can thrive and grow professionally.

21. 80000,Hours (Social Impact, US & CA): Targets jobs that make a significant impact on the world, helping individuals find careers that contribute positively to society and the environment.

22. Idealist (Nonprofit and Social Impact, US & CA): Specializes in connecting individuals with opportunities in nonprofit organizations, social services, and various roles aimed at making a social impact

23. Work For Good (Nonprofit and Social Impact, US): Dedicated to nonprofit jobs and career opportunities, focusing on the nonprofit sector to help professionals find meaningful work.

24. Climatebase (Environmental Conservation, US & CA): Dedicated platform for jobs in climate action, connecting passionate individuals with opportunities to work on sustainability and environmental conservation.

25. Conservation Job Board (Environmental Conservation, US & CA): Focuses on wildlife conservation and environmental protection jobs, appealing to those committed to preserving natural habitats and species.

26. Green Jobs Search (Environmental Conservation, US & CA): Presents opportunities for companies that prioritize the environment and in the green industry, from renewable energy to sustainability.

27. (Environmental Conservation, US & CA): For those passionate about combating climate change, offering positions that directly contribute to environmental sustainability and conservation efforts.

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